Finch Care Public Benefit Corporation

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Description of Finch

Do you search for a useful habit tracker app?

If yes, you can install Finch APK now from here. It is an amazing self-care application designed for Android users. You can take care of your pet by taking care of yourself. It allows choosing a wide variety of self-care exercises personalized for the users.

Finch app is a complete self-care exercise to grow your pet, earn rewards, and enhance mental health & well-being. A virtual pet comes in the shape of a chick that users need to take care of and grow. At present time, people are struggling with stress and mental health.

It is designed for getting rid of the problem. This Finch application assists you to feel more positive, encouraged, motivated, and conscious. It is possible to notice daily routine without switching autopilot. The important suggestion includes for the app users to develop sleeping.

You find some resources to read before going to bed. As a result, you feel relaxed. Besides, it recommends having a shower and use comfortable clothes. Moreover, there is advised to avoid social media during work.

Key Features of Finch

  • Meeting a new self-care best friend who is a unique companion grows with you
  • Getting mindful exercise and goals
  • Self-care for improving each mood
  • Set goals related to healthy habits
  • Examine the users' mood that gives energy to the pet
  • Available quizzes for perceiving the mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, body image appreciation
  • Little bird shows motivational quotes that lift your mood and gain a new perspective
  • Having guided breathing to improve focus sleep better, and calm the nerves
  • Mood tracker identify moods when lifting and bringing down
  • Guided breathing to calm nerves increase energy and sleep better
  • Customize the pet's look and personality
  • Go on different adventures together
  • Getting goals of the day, afternoon reflection
  • Increase productivity, residence, and gratitude

Set Daily Goals

You can add and deduct the goals as you want. Let’s see some goals below that can be set on your app.

  • Clean the kitchen appliance
  • Dim light before the bed
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Avoid social media such as Facebook, and YouTube before 9 PM
  • Donate unused clothes
  • Arrange and organized the clothes
  • Walk around the neighborhood
  • Look in the mirror and s yes, I can do it complete the breathing exercise before

The latest version of the Finch app is a 100% free app. You do not make any payment for it. So, don’t worry about the financial issues. Besides, it is a small app that occupies low space in your memory. There is no chance to lose the operational speed of your device.

If you install it you do not fall any problems. It is encrypted. You do not lose your data and information anymore. No spyware follows you to steal the valuable information stored on your device. Now, it is a risk-free app for your device.

In a nutshell, it is a self-care pet app. It allows feel prepared and positive. In this Finch APK, exercises are personalized for the users. Everything you find entertaining and useful. So, you can strengthen your mental health more effectively.

Finch Care Public Benefit Corporation

284 MB

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