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Files by Google

Google LLC

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Description of Files by Google

Do you search for a file management app to manage Android device’s files easily and effectively?

If yes, you can download Files by Google APK and install now. It is a file management application for Android users that was designed and developed by Google. It is considered a file manager and storage browser. It helps you to look for files very quickly. You just search for files through its categories.

Files by Google app allow you to filter, view, delete, move, and share any file.

Features of Files by Google

This app boosts the performance of the application by functioning. Let’s see the below functions.

  • Free up your Android Memory and RAM
  • Search and find files quickly
  • Share files offline without consuming data
  • Backup files in the cloud that helps to save space on your device

Files by Google application is 100% secure. It is encrypted to keep shared content protected and private. If you share any file with others there is no chance to lose and hack. Besides, it is a safe application for Android users. It removes all unwanted elements from time to time to clean.

So, there are no bugs, malware, viruses threats, and bloatware.

It is a 100% legal application for Android users. Still, three is no evidence found that it entangled any illegal activity. Files by Google app followed all international rules, and regulations as it is a Google service. So, you do not feel doubt about safety, security, and legality.

Main 3 tabs mode,

  • Clean: Having the capability to identify unused applications, large files, and duplicate files. Notify when storage going to full.
  • Browse: Assess file on the top by folder. Having multiple categories such as downloads, images, videos, audios, documents, and other apps. It adds safe folders and favorite folders. Having internal and other storage as well as Backup file to Google Drive.
  • Share: Having the option of peer-to-peer sharing. You can send and receive files and apps.

How To View Files Through Files by Google

  1. From your Android device, open Files by Google APK now.
  2. Go to the bottom part of the app and click on Browse.
  3. Tap on a category, you find a list of category.
  4. You can change the display by tapping Grid View and List view.
  5. To sort your file, in the top right corner, you click on the More Option. Select Sort by.
  6. Support 90 languages.
  7. Having a customized version for China.

Files by Google app normally occupy 13 MB of space and data from your device. So, you can install it on a low-end device. As a result, it does not get burdened on your Android phone. You do not lose the operational and navigational speed of your phone. besides, it is a free application.

It does not incur any cost if you install it. So, there is no tension about the financial issues. In a nutshell, the Files by Google APK is a comfortable file manager to move or transfer your files from one device to another. This management app eases your work. So, you do not feel fear to install it.

Files by Google
Google LLC

18.53 MB

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