Family Guy

Jam City, Inc.

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Description of Family Guy

Family Guy APK is an excellent fun and thrill game designed for Android users. It is mainly designed and developed from famous TV shows that include exclusive jokes that must make you enjoy and laugh. Fundamentally, this game is called 90 cartoons family guy.

It is very famous all over the world as it has hundreds of exclusive animations. Basically, this Family Guy game adds a lot of exciting stories. So, the plot and gameplay change at different levels when the story gets changed. You get a wonderful taste of a cartoon series.

This is totally a free game for Android. You need not pay dollars from your credit card. Besides, users can safely download the game without facing any hassle. In addition, if you install it you do not lose your valuable data. Moreover, it followed all legal procedures set up.

Game lovers find a lot of cartoon and animated characters to continue the Family Guy game.

Let’s see below to get familiar,

  • Petter Griffin
  • Lois Griffin
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Glenn
  • Meg Griffin
  • Brian Griffin
  • Joe Swanson
  • Adam west
  • Chris Griffin
  • Herbert
  • Cleveland
  • Bonnie Swanson
  • Jillian Russel
  • Tricia Takanawa
  • Diane Simmons
  • Connie D’Amico
  • Tom Trucker
  • Opie
  • Donna Tubbs

Necessary Features of Family Guy

There are millions of games in the world among the Family Guy game is one of the most entertaining. It has huge features and functions that make it remarkable to the game enthusiast. So, let’s see some features that give you a brief idea about the game.

  • 160 challenging game levels
  • Finding your favorite characters and hilarious moments
  • Unlock huge costumes and dresses for the chracters. Players can change the  outfit of the chracters
  • Getting new and classic animation
  • Fun and crazy adventure-type game
  • Customize the town with peter Griffin decoration. Different themes are used to design and decorate the town
  • Impressive user interface
  • Eye-catchy 3D graphics, animation, effects, magical sound, and transition
  • No irritating ads showing during the game
  • Having 90 cartoons full of comedy
  • Unlock a lot of areas. Users can use their special skills to identify their necessary areas
  • Support a variety of languages
  • Build and decorate the city of Quahog. Building cities according to the desired strategies
  • Construct buildings and houses by choosing your desired things.  Some buildings are locked. It has keys that are used to unlock it when required
  • Running time 20-24 minutes
  • Genre and category – adventure

The story turns around the adventure of the Griffin family which consists of peter Griffin (Father), Lois (Mother), Meg (Teenage Daughter) here, Meg ignores and ridicules the family, Chris (Teenage Son) who is unintelligent and overweight.

This is a very entertaining and enjoyable cartoon story-typed game that never feel you bored. You can play the Family Guy APK and pass quality free time. So, it can have gained popularity all over the world. Now, you do not need to think twice about installing the game.

Family Guy
Jam City, Inc.

152 MB

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