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Description of Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook app is the best for connecting with people.

Nowadays, we hardly find any person all over the world who does not know about Facebook. Facebook application is a very famous and excellent social media app. It is created to smoothen the usability of android users. It is one of the most speedy, easier and updated app.

This the era of the mobile phone. We find a handful of people all over the globe who do not use a mobile phone. Facebook application is designed in a very attractive way for android users. For this reason, it extremely popular with all generation people.

Presently, 98.3 % of this social platform users are on mobile.

Through the social app, you can invite & communicate with friends, create posts & status, create groups, pages for the purpose of personal, community, charity, and business. Mainly, you can keep connected people and create a great network with huge people virtually without any location boundary.

The magical matter is that Facebook app is 100% free. Besides, it does not carry any harmful malware, threat, and virus. So, it is completely secure and safe for your android. Now, without any iota of doubt, you can use the application.

Effective Features:

  • Create a Facebook account and manage
  • Update, privacy setting and Edit your profile
  • Share photos, videos, and your memories
  • Go live through your page and groups
  • Comments and like any post
  • Job post and promote your goods and services
  • Watch live videos
  • Get notification who comment and like your post
  • Share different links to other sites
  • Finding the latest news and current events happening in the world
  • Communicate with the celebrities by following fan pages
  • Meeting new and diversified cultures’ people and share your ideas, happy moments
  • Anything you find like search engine 
  • Buy and sell products through an unpaid method like groups share and page followers
  • See weather forecast
  • Save different post, image, videos, and so on for in future
  • Check activities of the friends and followers

In brief, the Facebook app allows you to use all functions and features from your phone. Facebook mobile version is very useful. Most people now depend on the smart mobile phone. So, Facebook create the app very wonderfully for smartphone users.


52.76 MB

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