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Description of Enki

Enki APK is a very useful application to learn coding or programming founded by Kirill Makharinsky. It is a San Francisco-based technology company that provides education programs for professional developers. Mainly, it is a virtual mentor or coach for programing language learners.

This is excellent for all levels of developers from beginners to advanced. Its lesson started from the basic level. So, no-technical people can depend on it to learn easily. The mission of the latest Enki app is to enable the company to fulfill the potential of data-informed decision-making.

It helps you to improve your data skill, coding, hone your technical skill. Lessons are prepared in such an interesting and interactive way that never get bored you to leave. As a result, this Enki application is very popular all over the world for code learners.

This app includes 20+ skills and 1500+ lessons such as coding intro, python, SQL, Data Science, Data Analysis, React, JavaScript, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, WEB, Security, Git, Computer science, Regex, Typescript, Docker, Golang, MongoDB, Linaz]x, Java, Spreadsheet, Webfloe, Zapier, Airtable, etc.

Presently, the application and appeal of programming are undoubtedly huge. You find everything in one place. Enki tool is a handy platform. In this place you find your necessary items to make you skilled. You get a lot of coding-related lessons from this place.

The interesting matter is that Enki is a 100% free app. you can download the app for free.

There is no tension about the financial issues. Besides, it is a  lightweight app. It occupies low data from your memory of the device. So, there is no chance to lose the speed of your Android. You can run the mobile smoothly.

Key Features of Enki

This app is very popular all over the world as it provides a lot of facilities for developers and coders. Let’s see some important features and functions of the app to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Having a lot of interactive quizzes
  • Having many real-world problems, logic, and challenges to solve
  • Above 1 million people use this app
  • Scaling and enhancing the data-informed decision making
  • Block-chain and structured query language
  • Share your favorite lessons with anyone who have an available internet connection
  • Having an available reminder to help with a learning habit
  • Learn new every day by personalizing work out a suggestion based on the learning preference
  • Finding interactive questions
  • Having exercise to practice
  • Lesson bookmarking
  • Having structure curriculum
  • Update the app regularly to add new lessons for the learners
  • Upgrade regularly to fix the bugs and viruses
  • Make group or team with friends, peers, co-workers to learn  

In a nutshell, Enki APK is a very useful app for developers, programmers, and coders. Now, this app is very familiar to its users. This is because it gives you beginners to advanced level practical lessons to learn to code. You, never need to go to other apps to learn to code. Everything you find hers.

So, you can install the app without an iota of doubt and hesitation.


25.83 MB

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