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Description of eBay

eBay application is an excellent buy and sells platform all over the world. Now, you can buy and sell new & second-hand items through the app. It makes easy online shopping for the customers. In the present online shopping world, eBay app is the most popular and familiar after amazon. We hardly find any person in the world who loves Online Shopping does not know about eBay.

The amazing matter about this app is that you can buy and sell through auction and bid. It differentiates and makes unique the app from others.

It is so popular with online shoppers. Presently, 182 million users are available worldwide. Now, 34.9% use eBay application of the USA for all mobiles users. Under huge categories and subcategories, there are millions of items in the list of E-Bay among all of them 16.4 percent are electronics and accessories.

eBay is a great brand in the world. There is an iota of doubt about the safety and security of this app. It has a strong team who update their application regular basis. So, no malware or threat attacks the platform.  Besides, it is a 100% legal application as it followed all legal procedures before coming into the market. So, don’t feel doubt and hesitation to install the app.

Necessary Features and Functions of eBay application,

  • Find offers, discounts, and opportunities for millions of items
  • 1.3 billion listings still
  • Account based limit like new sellers can sell limit monthly $500 and 10 items
  • 3 to 5 listing per day
  • Everything is well categorized that you can search and find your brand, items, products very quickly
  • Daily notify you latest activities about the eBay
  • 2 selling formats such as Auction and Fixed price
  • Following consumer to consume and business to consume
  • Work as a marketplace and e-tail at the same time
  • Open an account and create your shop to sell your produced items

Overall, eBay app is so well-recognized online shopping mall for purchasing and selling different items. So, for your convenient shopping, you can install the app.

eBay Mobile

200 MB

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