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Drag Racing

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Description of Drag Racing

You can download Drag Racing APK from here to play it on your mobile.

Drag Racing game is an entertaining online video game series of racing for Android users. It allows you to create and customize cars and races. Presently, the game has 3 genres as Gaming, Family & Arcade, and Racing. Besides, it has 2 modes i.e., single player mode and multiplayer mode.

The amazing matter is that enjoy the game without spending a single cent on your credit card. You can install it and play 100% free. Now, Drag Racing is so popular all over the world. It has 100 million fans worldwide. This Drag Racing game series published several game installments in different years.

  • Drag racer: Flash Game that was released in 2003. Presently, it has 50 million users
  • Drag racer: Perfect Run was released in 2009
  • Drag racer: Pro Tuner which was released in 2009. Now, it has attractive 40 cars
  • Drag racer: World released in 2012

Drag Racing game series is safe and secure. You do not worry about the damage to your device as it does not convey harmful elements or materials such as viruses or malware. Besides, it updates always to fix unwanted bugs and bloatware.

So, your devices keep up the normal speed that generally you find every time. Moreover, Drag Racing is a legal game. It was set up following all international rules, regulations, procedures, and standards. As a result, users never face any difficulty whenever they install and play the game.

Features of Drag Racing APK:

  • Customize 50 different car styles to drive
  • Drag Racer create community and connect with each other
  • Finding realistic driving experience
  • Having a guide for the beginner players such as Blue, Orange, and Green Light
  • Customize for adjustment and improvement
  • Having 500 or 800-meter race
  • 1 vs 1 duel
  • Compete with millions of online drivers
  • Sports car available i.e., from Nissan SkyLine R34 to 1969 Mustang, Powerful BMW M3
  • Drive cars over 1000 HP
  • Break all speed records
  • Find the perfect balance between Grip and Power
  • Choose different cars on the basis of your ability
  • Having a soft-body tire model that allows competitive racing
  • Racing game with the physical suspension
  • Wonderful and high-fidelity graphics and animation

In a nutshell, you can race your dream car in virtual reality. Drag Racing APK gives you so entertaining experience. So, you don’t feel doubt. Now, you take the decision to install the game and pass quality free time. Overall, it is full of enjoyment and entertainment that you do not feel bored.

Drag Racing
Creative Mobile Games

34.74 MB

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