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Dolphin Browser

MoboTap Inc.

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Description of Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser APK is an amazing web browser designed and developed by Mobo Tap. It has 2 engines Webkit & Dolphin Jetpack. This application is considered an alternative web browser for Android. It started its journey in May 2012. There are many browsers in the market.

But, among all, Dolphin Browser app is one of the best browsers for users. It was downloaded 150 million times. A good browser gives you an excellent internet browsing experience. You can search and find your necessary information on different platforms without problems.

In this case, it is very useful for Android smartphone users.

So, people often choose it to use. Use as a flash player you can enjoy the HD video-watching experience. By using the latest Dolphin Browser application, you can watch videos from different platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion Twitch, Vimeo, and many video platforms.

You just swipe from the right to the left edge to see the browse history and bookmarks. Besides, you find a video downloader to download different videos from various sites. In addition, users find the web converter to convert different documents such as PDF to word.

Dolphin Browser has a Dolphin translate to render different content in different languages.

What Is Gesture Control Of Dolphin Browser

If you want to open your favorite websites without typing any link or clicking on bookmarks you can create or set a gesture i.e., draw a design that represents a website. To find your necessary website, you need to scroll up and down a page by drawing arrows.

There are many add-ons,

  • Dolphin video player that is called flash player
  • Screen cat i.e. screenshot
  • Web to pdf converter
  • Speed booster for Android
  • Dolphin translator
  • Dolphin QR and bar code scanner
  • Dolphin reader
  • Dolphin battery saver
  • Bookmarks widget
  • Dropbox for dolphin

Key Features of Dolphin Browser

  • Support multi-touch gestures
  • Native platforms including default browser engine
  • Faster, easier, and safer web browsing
  • Users can open and switch among the web pages
  • Having multiple tabs and sidebars at the top of the screen
  • Thumbnail button at the bottom
  • Use voice command to search the content
  • No buffering, fast loading speed
  • HTML5 Video player
  • Gesture browsing option. Draw characters to browse websites
  • Magazine-style format to display web content
  • Having an interactive user interface
  • Caching content available offline
  • Providing content from the 300 sources
  • Ads blocker to control the annoying ads
  • Giving private or incognito browsing experience
  • Bookmarks the content to see in future
  • Delete different files and move those from one place to another
  • Helping you to create personal gestures

The interesting matter is that Dolphin Browser app is a 100% free app for Android.

Users need not pay a single cent from their bank or credit card account. So, you do not feel worried about the financial transaction. This browser gives you a great internet browsing experience. You can search for your necessary information without facing any kind of hassle.

So, without feeling hesitation, you can install Dolphin Browser APK and use for your convenience.

Dolphin Browser
MoboTap Inc.

17.53 MB

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