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Description of Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger APK is an FPS action online video game for Android users. It is a fantastic online video game that was first published in 2012. It is a very wonderful game for its several genres such as First-Person Shooter, Action Role-Playing Game, Survival Horror.

This Dead Trigger game is so entertaining and thrilling game for game lovers all over the planet. So, game lovers choose the game to pass their free time.

Gameplay: Dead Trigger game begins with a map screen where players select mission and access. The game includes a shop, arena, and casino. Here you find 2 categories of missions such as Generic and Story. In addition, players can add bonus missions every day to gather small gold bonuses.

This game takes 2 forms of currency i.e., Cash and gold.

Generally, cash is earned by dismembering zombies. And then, Gold can be brought in from the daily bonus mission. In the game, if players are leveled up, they can be awarded a small amount of gold. Normally, earning gold takes a long time.

So, the players buy the gold using cash money.

Cash and gold are used to purchase weapons, character upgrades, and equipment. Dead Trigger offers several other weapons i.e., pistol, shotgun, rifles, melee weapons, and machine guns, and so on. Players can gain experience points and level up.

Leveled up helps to upgrade and get new weapons and new items in the shop.

Features of Dead Trigger

This game is popular for its attractive features and functions. So, let’s see what are the features that make the game unique.

  • Single-player mode game
  • Wide range of weapons and high technological devices for using
  • Update regular basis to get rid of unwanted bugs that slow your devices
  • Legal game 100%. It followed all legal procedures
  • Maintain all safety and security rules. So, don’t find any dangerous elements such as malware, threat, and virus.
  • Share with friends via different social media networks
  • HD quality graphics and a good soundtrack
  • Touch screen controls game
  • Having 30 different battlefields to continue the battle
  • More than 70 types of weapons in this game
  • 600 gameplay war scenarios

In a nutshell, Dead Trigger APK is a fantastic game for Android smartphone users. You can pass the quality free time by playing the game. This game is very popular all over the world for its entertaining features and functions.

As a result, over 110 million people downloaded the game.

Dead Trigger

304.9 MB

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