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Description of Days After

Days After APK is a fearsome survival game. In this game, game lovers face an endless nightmare of the Zombie Apocalypse such as hunger, infection, raiders, and hordes of undead. In this game, you have to become ready to fight, shoot, build, craft, and make an action-adventure.

The goal of this Android or iOS game is to survive at any rate. The game shows you the apocalyptic world where humanity is virtually eliminated by zombies invasion. The latest Days After game has several genres such as Shooting, Zombie, and Survival.

In this game, players have to manage the chracters from an isometric perspective while storing all sorts of necessary resources, making weapons & equipment, and building the shelter. During it, you must face many zombies and get prepared to feed on the character's brain.

Here, survival relies on resources and weapons management skills.

Zombies are not the main culprits or enemies. Some other factors persecute severely such as hunger, thirst, and disease. Besides, looters lie in wait always. As a game enthusiast, it is needed to be carried out different types of missions and identify the story of the infection.

You need to manufacture and hunt numerous items that make your life more comfortable in the hellish world. Days After game delights all fans and game lovers as it has amazing 3D graphics, animation, attractive effects, and effective transition.

Available material in this game – rope, cloth (Thick & quilted cloth), stone block, whetstone, stone plate, empty flask, leather, belt, heavy pelt, oak plank, pine block, oak block, weapons parts, iron bar, rifle butt, clay brick, iron, copper plate, filter, wood charcoal, purified water, etc.

Several locations,

  • Green – spruce grove
  • Yellow -foothills, wild forest, airdrop point C3, rocks,
  • Orange -supermarket, junkyard, pipeline, water pump, mine, parking lot, oaks on the swamp
  • Red -dark forest, slum, hole, lonely rock,
  • Special locations - river village, checkpoint

Features of Days After

  • Explore 10 different types of zombies who are hungry for blood and brains
  • Find out the map
  • Choose a hero who pumps himself to survive in a harsh environment and collect resources
  • Create weapons and build your basement
  • Combat against the bandits, animals, and  zombies
  • Zombies hunting, the pursuit of dozens of various locations, pets, and treacherous bosses
  • Necessary elements and components that are available to continue the game such as animals, pets, crafting, materials, workstations, weapons, foods, medication, backpacks, and so on.

This Days After game is 100% safe, secure, and legal. It updates regularly to fix the bugs and malware. As a result, it is a clean and smooth game to play. Besides, it is a completely free game for Android users. You do not need to pay money or dollars from your e-wallet.

It is a lightweight game. If you install it occupies low memory space on your device. Days After APK gives you a great thrill and entertainment. You always remain awaited for what happens next. So, without feeling hesitation, you install the game and enjoy unlimited.

Days After

186 MB

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