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Daydream Keyboard

Google LLC

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Description of Daydream Keyboard

Daydream Keyboard APK was designed and developed by Google LLC. It is an on-screen virtual reality keyboard for text entry in Daydream apps. This app helps to make typing easy. It performs very well than any general keyboard. It is now available for users to install for 100% free of cost.

Daydream Keyboard app is very protective for Android users. No spyware and Trojan can attack it. Besides, it reduces the risk of password theft. If you use the physical keyboard you never get such a facility. This mobile application shows the scree of every key.

So, you can do not need to touch it to write any text. This keyboard application has enough screen space to display a full-size keyboard. There is no tactile feel required to compose the letter, create the document, chat online, and browse or search the internet.

The amazing matter is that it does not contain any dirt to make it unclean such as smudged, dust, sand, debris, and crumbs. As a result, the latest Daydream Keyboard application is clean and smooth to operate. So, you can see and read the keyboard clearly.

The interesting matter is that if you use the keyboard app you need not look down on the screen directly while typing. You do not face any neck injury and feel tired. You can type for long hours without facing any hassle. Overall, this app is very comfortable for users.

Features of Daydream Keyboard

  • Text typing is simple and easy in Virtual reality
  • A preview is shown when installing the app
  • The user interface looks like a standard QWERTY Keyboard
  • Finding a number of keys on the left side of the screen
  • Control for backspace
  • Enter and close the right side
  • A search bar surfaces on the top of the keyboard
  • Operate with its supported headset
  • Accommodating 2 hands while typing
  • Proofread and edit a document while typing
  • The document is visible above the Daydream Keyboard

Daydream Keyboard app provides almost every key that you find on physical keyboards such as caps lock, tab, Alter, space, enter, control, shift, arrow keys, and many other keys. Users choose the app as it is lightweight for Android mobile phones.

If you install it, your device does not get burdened as it occupies low space. It is safe, secure, and 100% legal. It does not have risky elements that make vulnerable of your device. This is because it removes bugs and viruses by updating regularly. Besides, it is completely secure.

If you install Daydream Keyboard app there is no chance to lose your stored data. In addition, it followed all international rules and regulations to set up it. Daydream Keyboard APK is so handy that gives you a great user experience. So, you do not think twice to install it.

Daydream Keyboard
Google LLC

45.79 MB

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