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Data Transfer Tool

Google LLC

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Description of Data Transfer Tool

Do you want to transfer your data from one Android smartphone to another?

If yes, you can choose the Data Transfer Tool APK for Android. This system application can help to transfer data from your old phone. It can be installed on your pixel phone automatically. You do not lose your important data whenever you change your mobile set.

You just select and click the file button for what you want to transfer from one phone to another. After finishing the data transfer, you see the old phone’s data in the new phone. The latest Data Transfer Tool application is the latest Google App for Android smartphone users.

It has the capability to transfer all data from one mobile phone to a different one. It is very useful for the user when you change your mobile phone. Generally, transferring data is very complex when you change your mobile phone. In this circumstance, you can use Data Transfer Tool.

It simplifies the data transfer process and switching from one mobile to another.

At present time, Data Transfer Tool app is the best software to transfer data from Android to Android. It gains popularity all over the world. Day by day, its popularity is increasing remarkably. It allows exchanging of large files between systems. It is a holistic integration system for data transfer.

There are several similar apps in the market. But, among all, Data Transfer Tool maintains the super quality. As a result, it keeps its market strong. People install it frequently for their convenience.

Features of Data Transfer Tool

  • Copy apps and data: you can choose to transfer your apps, photos contacts, Google Accounts, and many more.
  • Old phone use: You need an old Android or other devices. Keep it turned on and unlocked
  • Find old phone’s cable: You need to use a cable that fits your old phone. This cable is usually used for changing.
  • Choose what to copy on the next screen
  • Create a backup before transferring data and information

Main Benefits of Data Transfer Tool

  • High speed or faster data transfer technology that helps to transfer data effectively and efficiently
  • Boost capacity to transfer, send and receive data and information
  • Greatly improved upload and download times. So, you can receive and send information quickly
  • An easy and simple way to transfer your data
  • Different types of files you can transfer such as movies, songs, documents, pictures, apps, tools, programs, and games.
  • Wireless data transfer

If you want to transfer the data to both devices, you need to have this app on the booth device. You are suggested to connect to Wi-Fi. As a result, you do not face any hassle to exchange data. The interesting and amazing matter is that it is 100% free for Android users.

You need not pay for installing the app on your Android device.

Besides, it is a small size app. You can install it on a low-end device. As a result, you never lose the speed of your device. It can be said that the latest version of the Data Transfer Tool APK is very effective for data transfer as it helps to transfer data quickly.

So, do not hesitate to install the app.

Data Transfer Tool
Google LLC

10.64 MB

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