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Data Restore Tool

Google LLC

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Description of Data Restore Tool

Do you want to restore your data from the Android smartphone?

If yes, you can install Data Restore Tool APK from this website. It is very useful and advantageous for Android users. Now, it is possible to transfer data easily. To perform it, it needs to be connected with a cord and processed and proceed to all your chosen files.

Within a short time, you will get a copy that can be saved in the cloud or memory of another device. In the latest Data Restore Tool app, a simple user interface is found that was developed by Google. To complete the process of transfer, you need to install and unlock device.

If you finish these tasks, it quickens your file transfer activities. After connecting the cable, you can keep prepared for the copying process. Depending on the file size it takes less or more time. But the condition is that you need to ensure the destination device space where you transfer files.

Data Restore Tool application system is 100% free for Android users. You do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket. So, you do not think about the financial issues. Besides, it is a comparatively lightweight application that occupies low space from your device.

You can install it on a low end-device without losing navigational speed.

This mobile app changes all your system files. It updates and modifies information and data. Besides, you can delete and remove data and information. Generally, you can backup content, information & data, and settings from your device to your Google account.

It is very essential as it makes a useable copy for future use. Sometimes, for some reason, you may lose valuable data from Android. As a result, you fall in danger. In this case, you can take a back always. So, the Data Restore Tool app helps you to restore your data efficiently and effectively.

Data Restore Tool app is a very popular app all over the world. People depend on it massively to remain safe and backup. Day by day, users are increasing remarkably for its usefulness.

Key Features of Data Restore Tool

It is very functional in its useable features. Let’s see some attractive features to get a brief idea.

  • Copying data straightforward without hassle
  • Copy apps and data – here you can choose to transfer your documents, files, apps, photos, videos, music, emails, contacts, Google accounts, and many more.
  • Transfer data from one phone to another
  • Safe secure and legal app. So, data transfer is smooth and clean. No hassle is to tackle
  • Extract data and information from the backup. There is no chance to lose vital data
  • Friendly interface helps users to use it easily

In the end, Data Restore Tool APK helps to restore data from old phone using cloud backup and a cable. Presently, digital data is very necessary for people. Sometimes, in some cases, you can install the app without thinking twice. It gives you a great experience to restore data and information.

Data Restore Tool
Google LLC

9.89 MB

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