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Description of cSploit

Do you need a great Android network pentesting suite?

If yes, you can now choose the cSploit APK which is a famous security kit that allows you to gain access to devices that are connected to the same network. It is one of the most advanced and accomplished IT security Professional toolkits for Android smartphone users.

Fundamentally, it performs network security assessments on Android phone. Whenever you use your Android device, you find a lot of problematic security issues. These issues need to tackle to smoothen your device's operation. So, you can take the help from cSploit app.

As a result, you get a clean device to navigate.

Features of cSploit

  • Focus on auditing security and take measures to resolve security problems
  • Internal security maps out
  • Identify the connection of all devices with this tool
  • Having built-in traceroute
  • Adds a host to the network
  • Detect vulnerabilities by searching for a host
  • Supporting integrated Metasploit framework
  • Adjust different parameter
  • DNS Spoofing
  • Capturing files within the network
  • Open source Android analysis
  • Supporting Fingerprint hos operating system
  • Create shell console on cSploit app system
  • Develop TCP or UDP Packets
  • Text, image, and video replacement. You can replace your content on unencrypted website pages
  • Add you JavaScript unencrypted web pages
  • Capture PCAP Network and break existing connections
  • Redirect traffic and manipulate real traffic
  • Sniffing password

How To Download And Install cSploit App

  1. At first, turn on Unknown Source from Android mobile phone–  Go to the mobile Setting > tap on Security > after that Unknown Source option to enable.
  2. Now, download cSploit APK version from the existing website.
  3. Finally, you just click on the install button to accomplish the installation. At last, open the app and run it as your demand.

The app is 100% free for Android users. You can install the latest APK version of the software from this site without facing any problems. You need not pay a single penny from your credit card. So, you can consider the app reliable. It is a small size app that occupies a small space in Android.

You need only 4 MB of data and space to install it. You do not lose the mobile navigational speed as it is not a heavy burden for your device. As a result, you can store it on a low-end Android. cSploit app is a safe platform for Android. It does not have unsafe elements that affect your device.

So, you can keep trust in it. Besides, this cSploit application is fully secure.

You do not get worried about the legality, security, and safety of this app. In a nutshell, the latest cSploit APK is a very effective toolkit to keep your network secure. So, it gain popularity among Android users. now, without thinking twice, you can install the app.


3.58 MB

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