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Description of Crowdsource

Crowdsource APK is designed and developed by Google. It intends to improve Google services. This platform was released for the Android OS on August 29, 2016. It is an official Google application that allows you to work with the community to carry out different tasks.

By using this Crowdsource app, you can gain experience, levels, and medals. The list of activities that you perform with it is quite long. You have to look at the photos and identify the common things. If you evaluate emotions, you can read reviews and comments from the Google users.

In this case, you need to specify positive, negative, and neutral emotions. Other things include translations recognizing handwriting; identify the key points of Google Map. Understanding and undertaking tasks help you to increase your level and earn medals.

If you work with other internet users to make all’s browsing experience wonderful and easier.

The latest Crowdsource application allows the users to help the company with language translation, handwriting recognition, and map translation accuracy. It has an Artificial Intelligence team to work on everything from photo recognition to filtering email spam.

It adds categories of different tasks the users can carry out to enhance Google’s variety of services.

These tasks are label verification, evaluation of sentiment, and validation of translation. By finishing these tasks, users provide data to improve Google services i.e., Android, Google map, and Google translate. Task completion allows you to achieve different stats, badges, and certificates.

You can also track every progress easily.

It is available on different platforms to download and install. You can get this app's latest version on this website. You never feel any problem installing the file from this site. So, without further delay, you can install and enjoy it. Crowdsource tool is a 100% free app offered by Google.

Achieving different badges Crowdsource app offers such as contributor, narrator, photographer, explorer, offline, sentiment, scribe, spotter, Good Samaritan, street smart, translator, polyglot, 5K, 10K, 500K, 1M, and 1.5M. highest points achiever can reach the leaderboard.

Achieving different levels and points,

  • Level 1 = 3 points
  • Level 2 = 10 points
  • Level 3 = 20 points (here you unlock your level badge)
  • Level 4 = 40 points
  • Level 5 = 80 points
  • Level 6 = 150 points
  • Level 7 = 250 points (in this level, it is allowed to access the community newsletter)
  • Level 8 = 400 points
  • Level 9 = 600 points
  • Level 10 = 1000 points (after passing level 10 there is a chance creating to see more levels)
  • Level 11 = 1600 points
  • Level 12 = 2400 points

You do not need to pay a single cent from your credit card. There is no worrying matter about the economic issue. It is a lightweight app. It grabs the small space from Android memory. You can install it on a low-end device. Your device never loses the operational speed.

In the end, you can sign up with your Google account and join. Crowdsource APK is a very handy tool for Google users. So, without further delay, you can install it.

Google LLC

49.54 MB

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