Coursera, Inc.

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Description of Coursera

Do you want to learn new skills by doing online courses?

If yes, you can download and install Coursera APK on Android. It is a global education and learning application for Android users. You find a lot of online resources, courses, and degrees that help you to shape your knowledge and make you skilled to survive in the competitive world.

You get 200+ experts instructors and teachers of different universities and companies who lecture on a different topic that is very effective for the learners. The interesting matter is that you need not pay a single penny from your wallet to download and install the Coursera app.

It is a 100% free application for Android smartphone users. So, you do not need to get worried about financial issues. Besides, Coursera application is a small size that occupies low data and small memory space. So, there is no chance to lose the device's speed and stability.

Coursera is covering various contents such as computer science, information technology, data science, health and nutrition, languages, social sciences, physical science & engineering, arts, and humanities.

  • Languages: Basic, intermediate, advanced levels different language proficiency courses for 3 months such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Dutch, Urdu, Hindi and so many
  • Computer science -programming, C++, Python, SQL
  • Business – marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, finance
  • Data science -Artificial Intelligence, Machine, learning, Deep learning, NLP, probability, statistics, etc.
  • Sciences – chemistry, robotics, medicine, nutrition
  • Personal development –  presentation, negotiation, public speaking, leadership, emotional intelligence and so many
  • Art –, photography, graphic design, creative writing, music, and so on

Key Features of Coursera

  • 100% online platform for learners
  • Available 5300 courses
  • Multiple specialized and full-length degree
  • Affiliate with 108 world-class universities, institutes, and companies such as the University of Michigan, Duke University, California university, Arizona university, Case Western Reserve University, University of London, Yale University, Google, IBM, Facebook, and so many
  • Demandable courses
  • Applied learning materials such as programming, digital marketing, marketing, Python, and so many
  • Offering courses in 12 different languages
  • Download video materials to watch offline and learn standing anywhere anytime
  • Giving you skill recognition by giving a certificate of different courses
  • Offering hundreds of free courses – 3months, 1-3 months, 1-4 weeks
  • Skills this platform offers such as leadership & management, entrepreneurship, human resource, business psychology, communication, soft skill, and hard skill, strategy, and operation

The latest Coursera app is a legitimate, safe, and secure for your device. There is no record that it entangles in any sort of illegitimate activities. This app followed all international rules, procedures, and standards. So, you do not face any problem if you download and run it.

Besides, it is a safe application.

It does not contain bugs, malware, and threat as it updates to remove such unwanted elements. If you register for the course you never lose the data and information. It is secure 100%. So, you do not get worried about the above issues.

In a nutshell, Coursera APK carries huge learning courses for learners. You can update and upgrade yourself by doing such courses. This platform’s course materials are so interactive and practical orientation that you never get bored to learn.

Coursera, Inc.

31.74 MB

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