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Clean Master

Cheetah Mobile

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Description of Clean Master

Clean Master app is a wonderful application for android users. It is very helpful to keep your android device neat and clean to boost performance.

Every day, we use our mobile phones randomly. It is a common notion that the more we use the internet more we browse different sites. As a result, a lot of outdated unwanted junk files, viruses are stored in our phone memory. For this reason, your device fall in risk and become slower massively.

So, if you clean your device memory by Clean Master application, you will be able to do your work very faster. So, it is a very handy tool overall to optimize the smartphone. This app is 100% free of viruses and malware. So, without any hesitation, you can install and use it.

Useful Features and functions of the Clean Master,

  • Helping to scan your device automatically
  • Get rid of potential risk
  • Remaining space and storage of your device memory free 
  • Increase the mobile speed
  • Keep up the safety and security of the device memory. No, unwanted snooping will happen
  • Optimize energy consumption. As a result, you need not spend more mobile internet data
  • Working like anti-virus, booster and cleaner
  • Protect browser history and privacy
  • Performing as app lock
  • Detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connection

In short, Clean Master app is one of the most junk-cleaning tools for android users. Still, now, 43 million positive reviews it has. So, it is the best, there is no iota of doubt about it.

Clean Master
Cheetah Mobile

21.70 MB

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