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Chrome Remote

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Description of Chrome Remote

Do you want to access another computer from the Android through a tool?

If yes, you can install Chrome Remote APK on your Android smartphone. It is an excellent app to connect and control your computer using your Android device. It is an official application of Google. You need to configure the app and linked it with the computer.

It is a very comprehensive tool to control your computer.

It is a comfortable system to control your device remotely. Chrome Remote app was initially released on October 8, 2011. Now, it is a popular app for tech-savvy people all over the world. Presently, we need to stay outstation frequently for our personal and professional purpose.

If any urgent work is required with your computer, you can use the application to get access to the computer. You need to share an official file you can extract the file by using Android if you have the app that allows you to maintain a link between the mobile and computer.

The interesting matter is that Chrome Remote application is 100% free for Android users. You do not need to pay for installing the app. Besides, it is a small size application that occupies the low memory space of your device. As a result, you can install it on a low-end device.

So, it is not a burden for Android. You do not lose your device's operational speed.

Features of Chrome Remote

  • Control the computer straightly from the Android screen
  • Control the computer from a distant place if both are connected
  • The device's video and audio stream is excellent
  • Get access to other devices and use files and applications
  • Access and share the screen for connecting real-time
  • Work anytime from anywhere
  • Simple user interface

So, a poor tech-savvy person can operate it efficiently.

Chrome Remote latest version is safe, secure, and legal for smartphone users. It does not have any harmful elements that affect your device. This is because it upgrades regularly to remove bugs and viruses quickly. It is secure completely.

Generally, people have a lot of stored data on their devices.

If you install it, you do not lose your valuable stored data and information from your device. In addition, the app is legal. It followed all international rules, regulations, and procedures to set up the software. So, you do not get worried about legality, safety, and security.

You can find a smooth and clean app to run.

So, without feeling any sort of hesitation or doubt you can install the app. Chrome Remote APK is a simple way to connect with your working computer and share your screen with others. It is a very handy app for busy people who want to share their files from a remote place.

Day by day, the popularity of this app is increasing remarkably.

So, you do not think twice, just, decide to install it for your convenience.

Chrome Remote
Google LLC

3.08 MB

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