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Chrome Dev

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Description of Chrome Dev

The latest version of the Chrome Dev APK which is an independent application from Google Chrome that allows Internet users to access the latest version of the browser before other users. It is an excellent web browser application or software for Android smartphone users.

In this app, users are provided the opportunity to try newly designed and developed features, functions, extensions, and other apps before they are officially available on the Google Chrome browser. It is noteworthy to mention that Chrome Dev app is independent of the Chrome Browsers.

It is truly a developer version of Chrome. It is recommended for the testing version.  So, you can install both without facing any issues. Chrome Dev application is a step forward from the Beta. This version is used by developers to test changes at different times on the Chrome browsers.

This application has several tabs such as elements, console, source, network, application, security, memory, performance, audit, and so on. Let’s see the details below.

  • Element – it shows HTML used to build the page.
  • Console – deals with JavaScript. It offers you information about interactive elements on a web page. You can write JavaScrip to interact with web pages.
  • Source – it shows you the location where your files are preserved.
  • Network – it shows you all the files that are in the URL.
  • Application – what is stored in your browsers, it shows. Include browser databases like SQL, local storage, and so on.
  • Security – gives you basic security information. It allows you to view site HTTPS and TLS.
  • Audits – it generates reports automatically. It improves functionality and performance.

Key Features of Chrome Dev

  • Having modified experimental features and functions
  • Share, bookmarks, and see the history of the browsing
  • Getting some development than Google Chrome
  • Edit webpage in real-time, identify problems very fast, design and develop better & faster website
  • 10 million people install the app
  • Having a voice search function to search anything
  • Finding Goole Calendar
  • Getting recently closed tabs and showing the full history of browsing
  • Getting Gmail full active to use you can send an and receive email
  • Available use multiple languages
  • Open the tabs in incognito mode
  • Finding Google designs such as Google Guidelines, Material Design reel, Material Design PDF, Doodle Archive

How To Find Chrome Dev Version

  1. Opening Developer Tools on your Android device.
  2. Connect your Android.
  3. Open dee tools and go to more Tools and Remote devices.
  4. Authorize the remote access on your Android device.

The amazing matter is that it is a free app for Android users. You do not need to invest a single penny from your pocket. Besides, it is a lightweight app for your device. It does not get burdened for your Android. So, you never lose the operational speed of your device.

Chrome Dev app is safe, secure, and legitimate. It does not contain any element that harms your device. Besides, if you install it you do not lose your valuable data. In addition, it does not entangle in any sort of illegal activities that create a hassle for the users.

So, you do not feel worried about safety, security, and legality. In the end, the latest Chrome Dev APK is a comprehensive toolkit for developers that is developed directly into the Chrome browser.

Chrome Dev
Google LLC

238 MB

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