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Chrome Canary

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Description of Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary APK is an innovative web browser that is designed for developers, technologists, and tech enthusiasts. It is considered an experimental version of Chrome Browser. If you want to enjoy experimenting new web browser this app is for you.

It is an unstable version of Chrome that offers some advanced features for users. The latest Chrome Canary app has some benefits and advantages that are mentioned below.

  • Finding more experimental features that are new and latest. When Google developers generate a new idea, users try it before published permanently to justify. If any productivity problem arises it is possible to resolve. So, risky elements remain lower for the users.
  • It is used side by side with Chrome. Chrome Canary application is possible to distinguish as its icon is Yellow completely, but Chrome is mixed with red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • It cannot keep as a default browser on Android
  • Completely compatible with Google's synchronization. It helps to change passwords and add a bookmark reflecting automatically. Switch back and forth between the 2 browsers. It is used as a substitute backup
  • Chrome Canary latest version has a different user interface than Chrome Browser. Some efficient display options improve productivity. So, it adjusts to the new features easily
  • More space is available to display the web pages as by default URL bar is not displayed. URL displayed when opening a new separate tab or Press Ctrl L on the keyboard.
  • Chrome Canary has a Side Tab option that lists tab vertically at the edge of the screen rather than horizontally across the Top. It can be more convenient for widescreen displays.
  • Multiple tags allow into groups
  • Automatically close the tabs from a particular website while leaving another tab open
  • By default, Canary has an option to block plugins automatically. It can save time by not loading plugins. When it blocks a plugin, it can be run with a simple click on the relevant Play Button. This reduces the chances of crashes.

Why Should I Use Chrome Canary App

This is truly designed for developers. It is tough for general users as it is unstable. Developers can test new functions & features, APIs, changes, and flags. If you are not a developer, you can use this app to observe where Chrome is heading. This is a free app for Android users.

You need not pay a single penny for installing the app.

So, there is no tension about financial issues. Besides, it is a lightweight app that occupies a small space in your device's memory. The latest Chrome Canary app is safe and secure for users. It does not contain any sort of elements that disturb the users.

Besides, it is 100% secure for your device.

In conclusion, Chrome Canary APK is a wonderful application for developers. This is because they can test and examine the chrome features in the beta version position. So, it helps to identify the functions' technical glitches before publishing finally.

Chrome Canary
Google LLC

20.42 MB

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