Chase Craft

UIL Media

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Description of Chase Craft

Chase Craft APK is an entertaining video game developed for Android users. It is a king craft epic running game. In the game, you have to explore new challenges. You do not worry about financial issues. It is a 100% free game if you install the APK version from this website.

It is a small size game that occupies low space in your Android memory.

Features of Chase Craft

  • Action and adventure game. Run through an endless 3-lane path. Undergoing a variety of obstacles
  • Chase down the enemy's bosses
  • Using dodging, sliding, running, dashing, and jumping skills to go forward by avoiding the obstacles in the running paths. Switching different lanes while sliding and jumping
  • Collect different resources & materials, components, and elements to construct  a series of buildings and homes that enemies damage and destroy
  • Explore unspeakable world
  • Customize the hero
  • Chase & defeat evil bosses and win the game
  • To mine more resources, it is needed to unlock powerup to run far
  • Finding and crafting new skins that use on different characters
  • The more you play and the more you get rewards
  • Having the option to create special tools and upgrade the abilities
  • Run on your own islands such as Marshland, Metal Mines, Endless Desert, and Dark Forest.
  • Unlock various designs and colors of costumes to wear 
  • Getting more points if you play longer helps to collect skins, diamonds, and gold
  • Craft popular unspeakable
  • Building the cloakroom, workshop
  • Gathering different items allow to make the game faster
  • Upgrade  and update mining tools
  • Wonderful graphics, animation, transitions, and effects to play the game smoothly.
  • Simple user interface that helps to play easily

Gameplay of Chase Craft

The players go through the 5 locations to gather resources that are conducive to crafting different materials. Generally, these materials are very needed to construct players’ homes that are damaged and destroyed by enemies and evil creatures. Bosses are found in every available location.

The gameplay has two different parts i.e. construction and collection.

In the construction part, this Chase Craft game performs like Minecraft. You can collect resources and convert them into building materials. You get a certain type of material. In the material collection section, you get endless runner gameplay. A lot of obstacles, you find during the game.

You need to slide your finger left, right, up, and down to avoid difficulties. Fight with the enemies and defeat them in the race. Players need to use basic controls such as running, jumping, sliding, and navigating the impediments. Players loo far in this endless running game.

So, immediately, visualize the obstacles to bypass and move forward without tussling with the barriers. Use the finger to swipe on the home screen. Keep your eyes on the running track, focusing on the impediments, and plan and manage how to avoid them.

In the end, Chase Craft APK never makes bored. You pass quality free time as it provides you great entertainment. So, you can install it for your convenience.

Chase Craft
UIL Media

152 MB

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