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Card Wars

Cartoon Network

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Description of Card Wars

Card Wars APK is a wonderful card game designed and developed for Android smartphone users. In this game, you get huge entertainment. So, you never feel bored anytime. The core concept is that in the game Jake & Finn summon and revive creatures that destroy crops.

There is an opportunity for game lovers to increase the power and level of the cards and unite them to make them the most powerful. In the latest Card Wars game, summon creatures and cast spells in combat for getting the victory in the kingdom of the land Ooo.

The Card Wars main characters,

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Ice King
  • BMO
  • Marceline
  • Lumpy Space Princess
  • Lady Rainicorn

Plot of Card Wars

Jake describes to Finn that his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn doesn’t want to play his favorite card game. But, Finn consents to play with Jake. The 2 players come to the agreement that the winner rewards Soda and the loser is forced to soda with a horrible concoction.

Jake narrates the complex rules to Finn who falls asleep. When the board game component starts, Finn gets control. Frequently, Jake kills Finn’s Pig to frustrate the plan. Jake Becomes aggressive and angry. Finn is ward by BMO that if Jake loses the game he becomes frustrated.

So, Finn purposefully decides to lose the game. Finn intentionally sacrifices all-powerful pigs that lead to defeat him.

Features of Card Wars

  • Entertaining adventure time card game
  • Most mythical episode for enthusiast fans of adventure Time
  • Summon different creatures and cast spells to gain the victory
  • Having a virtual table to play a classic role-playing card game
  • Option to collect attack cards of warriors
  • Having defensive tower spells to structure a powerful deck to get win the game
  • 2 layers duel till death in the land of Ooo
  • Support holographic protection
  • Multiplayer Partner to partner game

You do not need a high-end device to install the Card Wars game. If you have only a low-end device you can easily install it. So, you do not lose the speed of your device. It is a 100% free for Android users. You need not invest a single penny from your pocket to install the game.

You do not face any unnecessary problems as it does not have dangerous components that harm your device. This is because it upgrades regularly to remove malware, bugs, viruses, and threats. So, it is a safe platform for Android smartphone users.

Besides, you do not lose your important and private data as it encrypted your information. So, it is a 100% secure game overall. Moreover, Card Wars game is % legal as it followed all lawful procedures, rules, and regulations to set up and market it.

So, people frequently choose it to install without changing their minds. In a nutshell, the Card Wars APK game is so enjoyable. Game lovers frequently choose it to install for passing their regular free time. So, you can install the game and enjoy it.

Card Wars
Cartoon Network

22.67 MB

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