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Description of Camera Folder

Camera Folder APK is an Android app that is widely used for taking photos and recording videos with the camera of different Android apps that support jpg files. It is a very useful app for those who are passionate about photography.

Users can use the latest Camera Folder app anywhere they want and there is no set time to use this app. It provides the best user experience for them with proper security and privacy. Also, anyone can use it whether he/she is a beginner or a professional in taking photos.

Features of Camera Folder Application

  • Camera Folder latest version has a very easy-to-use interface that helps users to easily navigate inside it
  • By using it, you can take photos with different Android apps that can open jpg files
  • It is a very small, free, and open-source app. Users don’t have to pay anything to get it on their Android device and they can customize the source code due to the open-source feature
  • As it is an ad-free app, You won’t be disturbed by any kind of advertisements while you are using it
  • It doesn’t contain any type of user-tracking features which is why it can’t be able to track any information about its users
  • It doesn’t require any kind of internet connection and so you can use this app anytime and anywhere you want
  • It also doesn’t ask for any personal information to use it on your device

How To Use Camera Folder App

There are some simple steps to download Camera Folder APK from this website and the method of using is also easy as it has a very simple user interface. These steps are given below:

  1. Click on the download button that is already given on this website and it will initiate an instant download.
  2. After completing the download, install it on your Android device.
  3. Now, you have to download and install both the Simple Draw and the Open Camera apps to run the Camera Folder app.
  4. Once you have completed this step, open the Simple Draw app along with the overflow menu inside it.
  5. Select the open file option and it will open the Android System file picker.
  6. Next, you have to click on the hamburger menu to see the provider view and from here you have to select the app.
  7. As you select it, it will open the camera picker and you will get the camera apps.
  8. Select the Open Camera app from there and take photos with it. And then click on the ok button.
  9. Now, go back again to the Simple Draw app with the photos that you take to start processing.


Overall, Camera Folder APK is a great choice for taking photos and recording videos simply with your Android Device. Besides, it is uploaded on this website after checking the bugs and malware to provide the proper security and safety.

Sometimes, you may want to take photos like a professional photographer, but you can’t buy a high-quality camera. This app brings an alternative way for you by which you don’t need to spend a single penny. Just download the Camera Folder app and take amazing photos.

Camera Folder

0.07 MB

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