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Description of Calculator Lock

Calculator Lock APK is an amazing security application that helps to hide private information such as different files, photos, and videos. It is called a privacy lock app looking like a calculator. So, it is one of the most famous privacy lock apps in the world.

Digital devices keep huge information and data for personal and professional reasons. People use the internet indiscriminately. So, there is a possibility of falling into a risk position. To protect your device and information, you need to take extra protection.

Calculator Lock app is such a protection system that gives you strong security to keep safe your valuable information. Therefore, you can control unwanted access to your devices. Generally, people select those apps which are not heavyweight. Big-size apps occupy the huge memory of your devices.

So, you may lose your smartphone’s speed and stability. In this case, it is ensured that Calculator Lock application is very lightweight. So, you can use this smoothly. There are a lot of similar applications in the market. But, among all, this is one of the best for its unique features and benefits.

This Calculator Lock tool is 100% secure and safe for android users. There are no detrimental ingredients and elements that affect your device severely. It does not contain viruses or malware. In addition, it updates always to get rid of risky bugs and bloatware.

So, thre is no chance to lose your device speed. Without any hesitation, you can install and enjoy.

Features of Calculator Lock

  • Protect your information and data from the prying eyes and hackers
  • To keep the files hidden space, there is a password protection system. Here, you can create a master password to protect your files and photos
  • Function as a calculator to do math
  • Having cloud storage to back up your data
  • Video player and a built-in photo viewer
  • Import images to save on your android phone
  • App remains in disguise mode as it is a calculator. So, nobody can find a real identity
  • Secretly store in a vault or place so, no one can see your hidden folders

In a nutshell, Calculator Lock APK is a fantastic tool to keep secret or private your important information. You can protect your privacy very strongly if you install the app on your Android smartphone. So, you can install and keep away the people's unnecessary access.

Calculator Lock
App Store

14.56 MB

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