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Description of Calculator

Do you want to get all the useful calculations on your Android?

If yes, you can choose Calculator APK for your device. It is a great application for Android users to perform mathematical calculations. You find 29 available functions in this calculator. This app was designed by Google LLC. It is one of the most powerful calculation apps all over the world.

There are many calculation systems such as basic calculation addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and factorial calculation. Besides, you find pi, percentage sign, exponents, parenthesis of grouping, cos, tan, log, square root, degrees, random button, and so on.

The interesting matter is that the Calculator app is so lightweight for Android users. It does not occupy huge storage from your android memory. Due to the small-sized app, you do not lose your device's speed and stability.

The Calculator application allows 53 languages such as Indonesian, English, France, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Filipino, Servian, Czech, Swedish, Marathi, Persian, Arabic, Malayalam, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Hebrew, Korean and so on.

Calculator latest version is 100% risk-free as it is a Google service. It does not contain dangerous ingredients, components, and elements such as malware, viruses, and threats that harm and affect your device acutely. Besides, It updates always to get rid of unwanted bugs and bloatware.

So, your device remains clean and fresh. You can operate the calculator smoothly and efficiently. As a result, you do not lose the speed of your device. In addition, the latest Calculator application is 100% legitimate for android users. You do not face any type of legal problem.

This mobile app came to the market by following all legal procedures, rules, regulations. It never violates any kind of legal rules still. So, without thinking twice, install and use it.

Important Features of Calculator

  • Calculate simple and advanced functions
  • Doing scientific operations such as arithmetic, algebra, exponential function, trigonometric, Logarithmic,
  • Select theme to get the different appearance of the app such as dark, light, and battery saver theme
  • Edit and cut digit if you mistakenly put
  • Find your previous calculation history
  • Having an advanced level panel to do math
  • Taking a photo and solving the math
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

In the end, the Calculator APK is a regular necessary tool for the users. It is a very convenient tool for math lovers. So, without feeling any doubt, you can install and use it for calculating and solving math.

Google LLC

3.23 MB

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