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Description of BYKEA

Do you want to search for an app that helps to move people and deliver parcels?

If yes, install BYKEA APK on Android. It is an excellent app that is used to transport & deliver products as well as make online payments. You can send your parcel and pay online effectively and easily. The app is Pakistan-based that was designed and developed by BYKEA Technology.

BYKEA app was established by Muneeb Maayr in December 2016. This app is reliable, safe, and fast. As a result, you reach your destination on time at a minimum cost and time. So, it gains popularity as users of this app get benefits. So, they often install it for their convenience.

Suppose, you are on a busy street. You need to go to any destination quickly and smoothly. You can take the service of the app that helps to reach your destination very safely and quickly. It’s an easy solution for busy people. You can search and find your product and services from this platform

Besides, If you want to transport anything and reach anywhere you can take the helpof this app. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate to install the latest BYKEA application now.

How Ride Perform On Your Device

  • After installing, open the app and click on the ride icon
  • Now, you select the ride vehicle type
  • After that include the pick-up and drop-off destination or location. Then, you see the ride estimated fare
  • Meet your BYKEA partner who is tracked on GPS
  • Ride to the destination
  • Finally, pay and rate your riding experience

Key Features of BYKEA Application

This app is a professional service platform. The users of this app get great advantages as it has wonderful functions. So, let’s see some functions and features below.

  • Different categories of services BYKEA offers for its customers such as delivery, ride, payment, and shopping.
  • Order anything as you want
  • Book a car to reach your certain destination comfortably
  • Identify every step of the traveling i.e.location, destination, distance,  and so on
  • Getting the affordable bike to commute from one place to another safely, and quickly
  • Less stressful commuting (from one place to another)
  • Reducing parking demands
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Get restaurant food delivery from your designated city
  • Offering different payment options for the users such as Pay cash and online for any service
  • Deliver groceries item door to door
  • Company partner with the drivers and taxi owners
  • Pick up and drop-off 24/7
  • Take the complaint and recommendations of customers leniently
  • Drivers of the ride are well-spoken and polite
  • Don’t sense the exact destination before accepting the service user’s call
  • Unprofessional drivers and delivery persons are rated based on their performance and behavior
  • The user interface of this app is very simple to use
  • It is a safe, secure, legal application for Android users.
  • The app is 100% free to install. No need to pay from your wallet

In the brief, the updated version of the BYKEA APK is one of the most popular apps in this field in Pakistan. People take frequent service from this app. It is so convenient app for delivery and ride-sharing. So, you do not feel any doubt about its services.

Bykea Technologies

32.56 MB

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