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Description of Box

Do you search for a content management tool that is useful for Android users?

If yes, install the Box APK now. It works as a wonderful cloud-based storage system that allows users to store documents of different formats such as photos, videos, presentations, PDF files, etc. The amazing fact is that users can create various folders with different names.

So, whenever, users need to search for anything they can use the specific keywords and find out easily.  

Box app started its journey in 2005 as a data store and management tool. It is a very much well-managed platform that allows to access any device if they have an internet connection.

Presently, this app is very popular all over the globe. Now, above 70 million people use it.

Day by day, the appeal of this app is increasing. Box application has a free and paid version. You can choose the free version storage with 10 GB. So, you need not pay to some extent. If you have it, you can store files on this cloud storage. As a result, your device gets free of overloaded files.

Businessmen, professionals, and students can use the app daily to preserve their necessary documents for future use. It increases the productivity of the people and consumes less time.

Box Has Two Very Effective Systems

  1. Box Sync – It is used to access only offline folders that you marked
  2. Box Drive – It is used when you have the internet connection available

Important Features of Box

  • Permits the users to create, store files online, edit
  • Share files with others through the link and allow them to edit and limit not to edit
  • Perform works collaboratively on files. So, teamwork is easy
  • Store files on an SD card to access offline
  • Supporting an integrated search function
  • Upload different images, videos, and files
  • View and download the documents when required
  • Invite the users to work on shared folders to finish any task quickly
  • Save everything automatically on the cloud
  • Easy user interface
  • Allow MS office to create and edit documents i.e. Word, Excel, and, PowerPoint, etc.  
  • Getting recent prepared files and pin the favorite files
  • In full screen, preview 200+ files simultaneously
  • Give feedback by commenting and mentioning
  • Print your files
  • Possible to use security in the files. So, nobody harms and dames your documents
  • Put annotate and e-sign in the special doc.
  • Connect with the inside and outside of the organization
  • Different copies of the files can be kept

How To Add Other Apps To My Box App

It is simple and easy. Just follow the below steps to get an idea.

  1. After installing Box APK, you just open the and select the app you would like to connect.
  2. Click on add option.
  3. And then, tap on Confirm button to finish the process.

In a nutshell, this application is an excellent file-syncing storage service for Android users. If you use this app you can create, and edit documents within the quickest possible time. Mainly, this app helps you to collaborate your files and documents digitally.

Overall, Box APK simplifies and eases your daily activities.


254 MB

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