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Description of Blokada

Blokada APK is an efficient ad blocker tool for Android smartphone.

If you install Blokada app on Android, you can avoid unnecessary and unwanted ads that show frequently whenever you browse the internet. Besides, this app helps to block trackers, hackers, and risky elements i.e. viruses, malicious content, bugs, malware, threats, etc.

Therefore, you get a great internet browsing experience.

A decade ago, different data & information were leaked as well as privacy violations happened frequently. Internet users remained worried about their privacy. Presently, the activities associated with the internet are huge. Devices are more vulnerable than in previous times.

In this case, Blokada application came to the fore to keep a helpful role to secure the Android.

The amazing matter is that it is not only linked with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox but also focuses on installed apps, tools, programs, and games. Users just choose the options menu to adjust the setting of ad blocking. Click on the button from the home screen to activate and deactivate the function.

You can select apps and websites to block unnecessary ads. Blokada latest version has both paid and free versions. If you download and install the APK version you need not pay a single penny from your wallet. So, do not get worried about the monetary issue.

Key Features of Blokada

  • Keeping internet activities more private
  • Block invasive and unethical advertisers
  • Create an extra security layer for the personal information
  • Cloud base ad blocking
  • Monitor and manage your web search
  • Data encrypt so that nobody steals your valuable documents
  • Perform for all apps and all browsers
  • Open-source and third-party app
  • DNS based interaction
  • Fast and trustworthy global VPN network

Blokada consumes fewer data and increases battery life as it is a small size app that occupies low space on your Android phone memory. So, you install it on a low-end device.

What Are Blocked By This Blokada App

Block annoying advertisements such as Google Adwords, Bing ads, Google Invite Media, Yandexmatrix, adult & gambling websites, malicious content, viruses, and bugs, as well as block social media trackers and analytics such as Facebook, DoubleClick, Twitter button, etc.

Blokada app is a very useful app who browsing the internet using an Android. Generally,  whenever you visit any site in the different search engines, websites, apps, or platforms you find huge ads pop up automatically, which is irritating and problematic to running your activity smoothly.

You can take assistance from an ads blocker. If you install this app on your device you can easily get rid of unwanted and unnecessary ads. Presently, in this field, there are thousands of applications in the world. But, Among all, it is one of the best for its unique functions.

In a nutshell, the latest version of the Blokada APK helps you get rid of annoying ads if you install it on your Android. As a result, You get a great internet browsing experience. So, you can download and install it for your browsing convenience.

Blocka AB

66.95 MB

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