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Description of Battery Guru

Do you search for a battery-saving and battery life calculating app for Android phone?

If yes, install Battery Guru APK as it is an amazing tool to check battery and optimize its performance. It tends to show battery usage information and battery capacity which helps to change the charging habit. As a result, it allows you to prolong the battery lifespan.

Battery Guru app also monitors electric current, voltage, temperature, and others. It identifies the areas which eat up and consume the most charge whenever operate your mobile. As a consequence, you take measures to become cautious and conscious about the battery life.

This app shows which functions of the device get more charge such as Wi-Fi, apps, tools, games, brightness, vibration, etc. You can focus on stopping those functional areas. It provides you the option to close those apps to stop which one consumes the most battery charge.

Use the Battery Guru application as it is the quickest charger and USB cable for Android.

The battery is a vital part of the Android smartphone. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your device. You can get the most recent hours' status. It contributes a lot when you go outside the room. You need a lot of charges to run your device's active status.

So, you get away from the unnecessary apps and functions. As a result, you can run your device for a long time without facing any sort of hassle.

Features of Battery Guru

There is a list of the battery-saving app in the market among all that it is the best for their functions and features. Now, let’s see some features of this app to get a brief idea.

  • See the charging & using history,  and analysis of battery state. Getting 3 months history of battery using
  • Increase the durability of the battery
  • Displays the maximum current achieved
  • Measure the real battery capacity
  • Supported dual battery configuration
  • Showing how much battery time is available and how long it lasts  
  • Identify consumption of  battery charge for each app
  • Calibrate battery
  • The screen on and off calculation
  • Providing notification to see real-time battery statistics
  • Having a friendly user interface

How To Check Battery Health

Step 1 - Go to the Setting of Android mobile phone.

Step 2 - Click on battery and device care.

Step 3 - Now, diagnose the battery health, state, and status.

Battery Guru APK is a safe tool completely. If you install it you do not find any risky components as it updates regularly to remove unwanted elements such as bugs, malware, and threats. So, you get a clean and smooth app. Besides, it is a secure app 100%.

You do not lose your valuable data and information if you install the app. Moreover, the Battery Guru app is legitimate as it followed all legal procedures to set up and market. So, without feeling hesitation you can install and use it for your convenience.

Battery Guru APK gives more power to Android device.

It has the necessary option to conserve the power and strength of the battery.

Battery Guru

6.92 MB

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