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Avee Player

Daaw Aww

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Description of Avee Player

Avee Player application is an amazing music player designed for android users to play audio for the best performance consuming the lowest resource. It is a lightweight application that is capable to play almost any kind of audio file formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WAV, Pla, Pls, Mpcpl, Plp, M3U, M3U8 and so many.

This Avee Player app is very effective for music lovers. So, android users can listen to music any time standing anywhere in the world. It is a completely safe and secure app for mobile phone users. It does not have any harmful malware that affects your device.

Besides, it resolves all legal issues. So, you can use the application without any kind of difficulty. There are several hundred similar platforms in the music player field. But, the latest Avee player application is one of the best players for its handy functions.

Useful Features and Functions:

  • 100% free app for android users
  • Playback music smoothly
  • Creating favorite playlist
  • Ultra-light and all-terrain music player
  • Automatic time set or sleep timer option for the turn of your music player
  • Very small size app as it takes a very little space of your mobile phone storage
  • Control app via Bluetooth
  • Wide range of functions and excellent and eye-catchy user-friendly interface
  • Toggle to customize audio-visor
  • Provide clear and high-quality sound
  • Large library of music collection
  • Keeping lock the screen orientation during running the music
  • Different design, size and themes
  • Create folders and shortcuts
  • Having the best Visualizer and Equalizer. Visualizer helps to make good colors, shapes, size and audio reactions andEqualizer is very useful to enjoy your music setting up speakers and headsets.
  • Various categories of music including albums, artist, and genres
  • Convert MP3 to full HD videos

In a nutshell, Avee player app is wonderful as you need to have a better experience of music listening. So, you can use the app for your music listening convenience.

Avee Player
Daaw Aww

13.35 MB

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