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Arena of Valor

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Description of Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor APK is a fantastic multiplayer online video game for android users. It is one of the most famous online games all over the world. It is particularly designed for android mobile phone users. In this game, you have an option to select different categories of 100 + characters or heroes.

You can build your team at your own sweet will in this Arena of Valor game.

Let's see below what's the category-wise characters list.

Tank: Y'bneth, Arum, Baldum, Cresht, Mina, Omega, Roxie, Taara Thane, Toro, Xeniel.

Warrior: Florentino, Rictor, Amily, Arduin, Arthur, Astrid, Kil'Groth, Lubu, Maloch, Max, Omen, Ormarr, Rourke, Ryoma, Skud, Superman, Wonder Woman, Zenis, Zephys, Zuka.

Assasins: Quillen, Airi, Batman, Butterfly, Kriknak, Murad, Nakroth, Wukong.

Maze : Sephera, Aleister, Azzen'Ka, Diaochan, Gildur, Ignis, Ilimia, Jinnar, Kahlii, Krixi, Lauriel, Liliana, Marja, Mganga, Natalya, Preyta, Raz, The Flash, Tulen, Veera, Zill.

Marksman: Elsu, Fennik, Lindis, Moren, Slimz, Tel’Annas, The Joker, Valhein, Violate, Wisp, Yorn.

Support: Annette, Alice, Chougnar, Grakk, Lumburr, Peura, Teemee.

The latest Arena of Valor game gives you several game modes to choose such as,

  • Abysmal Clash mode Introduction
  • Ranked Match Introduction
  • Hook Wars Introduction
  • Solo Battle Introduction
  • Introduction of 3v3 mode
  • Introduction of 5v5 mode

Key Features of Arena of Valor

  • Build a team and defeat enemies
  • Available different categories of characters, you can choose as you want to continue the game such as wizards, tanks, warriors, shooters, assassins, etc.
  • 5v5 real-time battle format
  • Having 40 + epic characters such as Soon the Joker, and Batman
  • Different game modes- Abyssal Clash, Grand Battle, Valey Skirmish, Hook Wars, and so on
  • Average matches duration 12-18 minutes
  • Destroying the towers to reach the core of the enemy

The interesting matter is that you can find it on this website for free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny on your credit card. So, do not get worried about payment or financial issues. Arena of Valor is a safe and secure game for Android smartphone users.

It does not have any harmful elements that affect your device severely.

Besides, it updates regularly to remove or fix risky things such as bugs, viruses, threats, bloatware, malware, etc. In addition, Arena of Valor game is a 100% legal. Following all international rules and regulations, it comes to the market.

So, without any kind of hesitation and doubt, download and play the game for unlimited entertainment. In a nutshell, Arena of Valor APK is overall a fabulous game for entertainment lovers. People can choose it to pass their free time.

Arena of Valor

146 MB

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