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Apex Launcher

Android Does Team

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Description of Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher app is an amazing tool to customize, secure, and make efficient the mobile interface.

This app is very handy and useful for creating a lot of great features and functions. For this reason, presently, 10 million people use it for their benefit. This Apex Launcher application basically shows screen visually your android attractive.

You can set up your phone how you like it. Apex Launcher helps to customize files, folders, icons, and so many. Besides that, you organize everything for your continent.

The amazing matter is that after customization the performance of the android mobile phone does not reduce. So, it goes without saying that the advantage of the app makes the app great to the people.

There are many similar apps in the field. But, Apex Launcher app is the best for its powerful functions.

Presently, it is one of the safest applications all over the world. It does not carry any harmful threats that are cumbersome for your device. The fact is that it has built-in malware protection. So, you can use it without any difficulty.


Apex Launcher is elegant that offers a lot of elegant functions and features. Today, here, several effective and useful matters are mentioned below to observe.

  • Adding interesting new features
  • Optimize the phone
  • Create a shortcut and user-friendly user interface
  • More flexible themes to use
  • Create different fancy transitions and effects, gesture controls of your screen
  • Include Customizable9 home-screens interface. You can rotate whenever you required
  • Hide certain elements as you want i.e. Search Bar Status Bar, Drawer, Dock, apps, etc.
  • Clean and tidy your home screen
  • Advance widget option creating
  • Contain scrollable 7 icons and five pages
  • The app doesn’t cause to loss of any speed of the phone
  • Restore the setting and existing data, files, and folders
  • Elastic scrolling for Home screen, Drawer, and Dock

In brief, Apex Launcher app gives you a wonderful customizable home-screen experience. Overall, it improves the look of your android by modifying it.

Apex Launcher
Android Does Team

17.02 MB

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