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Description of Annelids

Annelids APK is an excellent military strategy game for Android users. It is an action-adventure game that was released first in 2015. You can play it online and offline by downloading. The interesting matter is that from this website you can download and install the game for free of cost.

You need not pay a single penny from your pocket.

It is a safe and secure 100% for Android users. You do not find any harmful & risky elements & components that affect your device as Annelids game does not carry any threatful malware or virus. So, you do not get worried about security and safety.

Besides, it followed all legal procedures to set up the game. Still, Annelids game breaks any legal rules and regulations that create a hassle for game lovers. In addition, it updates and upgrades on a regular basis to fix dangerous bugs and bloatware.

The latest Annelids game has 68 missions, 38 weapons, 18 maps, and so on. It followed the system and procedures to generate maps. In this game, up to 6 players play at once. Generally, in this game players take part in a war with armed worms.

There are several game modes to select i.e., Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, King the Hill, and so on.

Team Deathmatch: Here, Worms form a team, and a team fight against another team which team kills highest getting win the match.

Deathmatch: It is a single fight. Everybody fights with each other. And who kills the highest worm can win the game.

Capture the Flag: Finding the enemy flag and delivering it to the castle. The highest deliver flags can win the match.

Conquest: In this Annelids game mode, a number of flags are on the map. Every team begins with owned flag. The task is to capture the flag. Team and individual who capture more can win the game.

King the Hill: Having only one flag on the map. The game timer is started after the flag is captured.

Egg Hunt: There are eggs spread around the map. Worms drop eggs when they die. In the end, a worm with many eggs can win.

Team egg Hunt: It is the Team Version of Egg Hunt. Gathering egg that scattered around the map. The team with the most eggs win the match.

In short, Annelids APK is a very entertaining and enjoyable game that any aged people can play the game without facing any problem.

Michal Srb

26.43 MB

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