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Description of AIDE

AIDE APK stands for Automated Integrated Design Architecture. It is an excellent tool designed for Android users which helps in learning to code for app development. It creates an integrated development environment for your Android to design apps by your Android smartphone.

Here, you can follow our interactive coding tutorials and app development step by step. AIDE App allows you to become an expert developer. The amazing thing is that it is a 100% free tool to use. It doesn't need to cost a dollar to install and use the app. In addition, it is a safe and secure application.

There are no malicious elements like viruses and malware affecting your device. Moreover, this mobile application is 100% legit as it never violates any international rules and regulations. Follow all the procedures to create AIDE application. So, don't be worried about using the app.

People like lightweight apps. In general, a small size application takes up less space in your mobile phone's memory. As a result, you do not lose the speed of your device. In this case, you are rest assured and assured that the latest AIDE application is a lightweight application so that you can use it without any doubt or hesitation.

It is very common around the world that more than 2 million downloads have been completed.

Support Features

  • Interactive Programming or Coding Lessons Step-by-Step Instructions and Guides
  • Check and analyze errors in real time and automatically correct errors
  • Mobile game and application development with ease
  • Learn to code and create visual designs
  • Nice and easy user interface
  • learn java programming skills
  • AIDE supports HTML, CSS and JAVA scripts
  • No need to jailbreak your devices
  • having debugger to debug android java application and java console application
  • Easily find breakpoint, step, step, exit
  • Check object fields and local variables, check thread trace
  • The user interface is very simple, easy and friendly
  • Built-in variables, rename,
  • Remove method, and enter variable
  • Format code and organize imports
  • Edit and optimize large files very quickly
  • having a built-in file manager
  • Create, rename, rename or delete a file or folder

In short, AIDE APK helps you learn to code and design your favorite apps and games through Android. It offers all types of programming such as beginner, intermediate and advanced level. No matter what level you are at the moment, you can use this app for your convenience.


40.07 MB

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