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Description of AdGuard VPN

Do you want to connect to the internet anonymously by using a proxy server?

If yes, install AdGuard VPN APK now. It is a very useful app to hide your exact location and IP address whenever you browse the internet. So, nobody traces your real place where you stay. The interesting matter is that you can keep connected from anywhere in the world and anytime.

Nobody traces you where you stay. So, your privacy keeps safe and secure whatever you browse.

This is because there is no information saved in the history to extract after disconnecting from the VPN browser. Generally, private servers are used to get access to a blocked website, apps, games, etc. For cultural, religious, and social reasons, some websites, apps, and games are restricted.

But the programs sometimes need to browse for research and academic purpose. In this, you can browse by using AdGuard VPN app. Some countries' authorities sometimes think about the risk elements of the content. So, they impose a ban on those content, website, and social media.

In this case, people can browse websites by using  AdGuard VPN application.

Select your new location to hide your real IP address as it has many proxy servers in different locations of the world. So, you can change the location time and again while browsing the internet. You do not face unwanted situations and get caught.

Key Features of AdGuard VPN

Thre are thousands of VPN applications all over the world but among all of them, the VPN app is the best for its useful unique features. So, people choose it frequently. Let’s see below some features to find a brief idea about the app.

  • Private or incognito to the web browser for Android users
  • Speedy and secure
  • Protect your data from the hackers
  • Safeguards you from the unwanted online interference
  • Bypass real ID and GEO-location 
  • Finding blocked content on the web
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Connect automatically
  • Fast, and stable VPN 
  • Unblock the block sites
  • Avoid internet censorship
  • Update regular basis to clean the application
  • Set up your own rules
  • Update and upgrade regularly to fix the unwanted bugs, malware, threats, and viruses
  • A simple user interface make easy to operate the app

The latest version of the AdGuard VPN app is 100% free application that can be used on Android and iOS. You do not make payments from your pocket. It provides a great data safety policy as it is encrypted. So, you do not lose your valuable data from your device store.

Presently, it has servers in 35 countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Spain South Korea, USA, Uk, Poland, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Singapore, Israel, etc.

In conclusion, the updated version of the AdGuard VPN APK gives you a great browsing experience. You do not get any buffering whenever you search for content on the internet. So, people choose it for their convenience.

AdGuard VPN
AdGuard Software Limited

27.81 MB

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